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Logos of comedy clubs where Natalie Gray has performed. These include Second City, Laugh Factory, Improv and UCB.

One of Natalie's favorite things in life is making people laugh. It's something she's taken very seriously, studying at some of the best comedy incubators on the planet including Toronto's Second City, The Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in Hollywood, and The Groundlings Theater in Los Angeles where she continues to hone her craft and perform at the Gary Austin Theater.

Natalie Gray holds mic as she performs stand-up comedy
Poster for a stand-up comedy show in Croatia featuring Natalie Gray

In 2017, Natalie's comedy led to her being scouted to be a Senior Writer on a huge project for Warner Bros.! It's amazing and incredible and in 2022 she can tell you all about it.

Natalie's performing life began as a child actor in her hometown of Birmingham, England. She went on to become a fixture on national TV in Canada where she appeared on over 100 episodes of television, interviewing celebrities and starring in both dramatic and comedic acting roles.

Upon moving to LA she discovered a passion for stand-up comedy and was soon touring internationally; eleven states and eight countries, including a five day tour of Croatia on the heels of Eddie Izzard.

Natalie has written and performed two one woman shows. Her first, An Abstract Life, at The Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, and her second, Death by Karaoke, at the Camden Fringe Festival in London.

Natalie Gray performs stand-up comedy on stage for a huge theatre audience
Poster for one woman show Death By Karaoke written and performed by Natalie Gray
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